Friday, November 21, 2008


Today was such a rainy day, ain't no sun shined on my window, I guess that's why I slept in thinking it was still night. So tonight after my girlfriend finished work, we wanted to watch a movie and the line for "Twilight" was long. So we watched the next best thing "Quantum of Solace", another Bond movie. I was confused throughout the whole movie, I guess it's one of those movies where you had to watch the one before to get the one your watching. After word we went to get some food @ KFC because I was hella hungry, and the chicken took about 15 minutes! DAMN! Tonight was an alright night, I guess you can't always cramp everything you want to do on your days off in one day, and it's days like this where you just watch the rain, have a conversation with the one's you love over some food, and relax and watch a flick.


Iphone's can take sneakey pictures they also have fun apps to make your boyfriend or girlfriend to look like MR. POTATOE HEAD. hah

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